History of the building


Number 67 – intriguing as ever

Old Market Square in Poznan – third largest market square in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. Beautiful Renaissance Town Hall, City Scales building and famous goats, surrounded with historical frontage development of colourful palaces and tenement houses which stay tuned to many once fashionable trends. In one of them – just round the corner of the Old Market Square – you will find entrance to Melody Hostel.

The tenement house no 67 was erected in the 18th century and significantly contributed to the flourishing trade in Poznan. Today it accommodates a hostel but at the beginning of the 20th century it housed a well-known Kajetan Ignatowicz department store, where, apart from shops, you could also find a patisserie, a photographic studio and… a fun house! All that encompassed within the premises of one of the most modern buildings in this part of Poznan, namely in building number 67, where you could see such technological wonders as a telephone and a small power plant which generated electricity for the shop windows!

Next, the history of the tenement house merges with the history of a famous Jewish family named Tietz, whose property it became in the 1930s. The said family members were the very entrepreneurs behind the opening of the first in the history of Germany department store and the chain of stores, later known as Hertie stores. It was its founder, Georg, who invested his money in the properties in Poznan. Turbulent times of the war deprived the Tietz of their properties in Germany but they kept the title to the properties in Poland till the beginning of the 21 century.

Also in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, the building number 67 used to accommodate an unusual place. At the time, the Old Market Square in Poznan was dominated with banks and administrative offices and was not an attractive night life magnet as it is today. The building of the tenement house no 67, unlike the nearby tenement houses, which mainly served business functions, housed a popular tea room.

Even today the colourful rooms still bring to mind the smell of tea and the sounds of music. The last chapter in the history of the tenement house no 67 started in May 2009. The title of this chapter is called Melody Hostel – now you can inscribe your own history therein…

Melody Hostel in Poznan – feel the rhythm!